A place to unwind.


At Chernaki surf experience Morocco, we are passionate about surfing.

We offer you an amazing surf holiday in a laid-back fishing village, once famous for calamari and hippies, now considered Morocco’s premier surfing destination for both pros and learners.

Our packages are created by Choaib, a local Moroccan guy who dedicated his live to surfing and Maxime, a Belgian girl who has been part of the surflife family for many years in Mimizan. 

 “We both know how important it is to get told the right things at the right time throughout the process of learning to surf.”

Next to surfing we take you on excursions to paradise valley, an oasis in the mountains with green lagoons. And the souk, the local market with the typical Moroccan handicrafts.

The surf villa gives you a feeling like you are a part of the community. After a long day at the beach, you drop your bags take a coffee and check the forecast. You’ll be living like a local before you know it!

We host 10 people a week, other than the other surf camps this does give us the advantage to create a more personal surftrip for you. 

Come see us this winter for good swell and good vibes!