Glorious food in Morocco

Fresh food in Morocco

Food glorious food

One of the best things about Morocco is the freshness of there ingredients and this is one of the biggest reasons there kitchen is delish. People don’t go buy there food in a big grocery store like in the Western world so when in Morocco shop it like a local on the market or better known as the souk. These places are a major feature in Moroccan life, and among the country’s greatest attractions for Moroccan travelers.

There are a unique variety of food products in Morocco that are difficult to find at home which make excellent gifts and souvenirs. Locally produced olive oil has an incredible, distinctive strong flavor. Olives in Morocco come in numerous varieties as do almonds, walnuts and spices. Morocco is notable for Saffron which is grown in the area east of Taliouine. Not to forget there dates are the best, for you dummies who don’t know this little fact about our brown friends they grow in kind of like bunches of grapes called clusters on palmtree’s 50 feet up in the air, the juicier the better.

On of our fav things about Morocco is they do amazing smoothie’s and cold pressed juices. When you go to the souk don’t forget to buy a cane sugar juice, fresh squeezed orange juice or avocado almond smoothie !

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But when you come to tajine land you have to try tajine. It is named after the pot it is cooked in, a thick clay cone resting on a rounded base. While many tajine’s are ornamental hand-painted carefully – the basic cooking version is unpainted and only occasionally glazed. Practical and durable (except if you drop it, of course), the dish is synonymous with Morocco for good reason: every roadside stall, tourist restaurant and cafe seems to have pots of the stuff simmering all day long.

While ubiquitous, tajine’s are also quite practical. By virtue of slow-cooking meat at low temperatures, effectively braising it until tender, a lower quality or tougher meat can be used. And the food cooks with minimum of additional liquid (water is added as it simmers), and no additional fat. The meat browns in the heated clay despite the slow simmer – the heat remains trapped inside the pot by the raised outer ridges on the base of the tajine.

In Morocco it’s always tajine o’clock, this is something they can eat every time of the day

Small and local, thats how we love it just like our fish. One of the perks of living by the beach is being able to buy fresh fish straight outta momma ocean. And boy Morocco has a coastline full of it. No no we don’t like the large scale fishing industry as being a surfer you have to be aware of the things that destroy our planet and marine environment. But locally artisanal fishing that’s our jam. Lucky for us Morocco is full of small fishing harbours where you can still see the fisherman’s blue boats come to land filled with treasures from the ocean.

Try out the tastes Morocco has to offer, it’s jummy. Because a full tummy is a happy soul, or thats what they say right.

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