Surfing Taghazout coastline

Surf map Taghazout

Morocco land of endless surf options. This ancient, exotic kingdom is home to some fantastic righthand points that peel in green-blue symmetry down rock and sand points, fanned by winter offshores. There’s a wealth of empty beach breaks. With perfect year-round weather and consistent great surf it’s no doubt that the Agadir coastline is THE place to catch a wave.

But where to go and where to surf in the Taghazout area ?

There are around 20 different surfspots in the Agadir-Essaouira region perfect for beginners till experienced surfers. Regardless of your surfing level, there is always a perfect spot to be found ! And lucky for us, Chernaki Surf Experience is located right in the middle of this surfing sugar-pot coastline.

But when should we come party waving with you guys ?

We would advice to book your trip during swell season to get the most out of your surfing holiday. This regions swell season starts from September till end of May.

For the experienced surfers, our peak season when we get the bigger swell is between October and March so book a trip for Christmas and come rip with us in some of the most famous spots of Morocco.

It would be our pleasure to share with you our experience and these amazing surf spots.

Imsouane, longboard heaven


Imsouane or longboard heaven remained an authentic Maroc village until the modern fishing port was built. Fortunately the long, mellow rights keep wrapping into the well-protected south facing bay, while several defined peaks grace the cathedral side. Higly consistent and sometimes crowded mostly with longboarders. Perfect for beginners, intermediate and experienced ( at Cathedral ).



Located at the mouth of a ‘oued’ irrigating banana plantations, this ultra consistent beach-break is the go when Taghazout is smaller. Mellow to Throwing fun sand bars. Often a sweeping rip running south. Unfortunately it is onshore in the N winds and often becomes more windy then most spots in the area. Good spot for beginner till experienced.

Surfcamp Morocco


Just south of the lighthouse of Cap Rhir, a washed-up ship boiler gives its name to this consistent and powerful righthander. Vertical lips and speed walls are held up by funnelling trade winds, bouncing off the hills.

Experts only as it’s tricky getting in and out because of the urchins and sharp rock shelf. Try the keyhole from behind the large rock to the N. Always bigger than Tarhazoute so it’s often crowded.

Killerpoint, Morocco


Most consistent Taghazout pointbreak, sucking up all available N-W swells. It’s always bigger than it looks and the paddle-out takes close to 15mins at high tide. In small swells, at low tide, the peak in front of the cliff has a short left (heading straight into some rocky caves) and a sectioning right. As the swell increases, the take-off area moves south and powerful, vertical walls, rumble down the point. Occasional barrels and difficult to make sections. The inside fires at high tide as it’s fully protected from N winds. Handles a lot of size. Best for intermediate & expert.

Mysteries, Taghazout


A nice righthand reef break , works best with 3-6 feet swell. It can be a fast wave with barrels. Best for intermediate and Expert

Best for intermediate & expert .



A medium to large, long period NW swell is what’s needed to light-up this world-class right . From the steep take-off at the outside peak, a seemingly endless succession of speed walls and cutback hooks present themselves. Occasional emerald green rooms appear on the sandy sections down the point. It’s easier to come in at one of the coves and walk back to jump off at the end between sets. Works on all but high tides, unless it’s huge, which is when it may be possible to ride back to Taghazout. Best for expert


This fast right-hander works well with a medium to large swell when the sand lines up well off the rocks. This can be a verry fun longboard wave. Best for intermediate.


Is a fun wave and you can always surf it's easiest sections if you are a gentle wave seeker. It's the baby sister of anchor point, less frightening but the current can be tricky sometimes. Perfect spot at low tide for intermediates who wanna try a point break.

On bigger days this spot can barrel . Best for intermediate.

Panorama beach, Taghazout


Has fun left and rights, works best from mid -high.

If you're a beginner, panorama beach next to panorama point is your place to be in taghazout - perfect whitewash!

Devils rock, Morocco


Sand bottom beach break with peaky left and rights. Great for improver/beginners, closes out on big swells. To the left, around the headland, is Banana Point and for the experienced surfer a gem lies between the two spots. Can be crowded on the weekends with locals. Relaxed vibe and great cafe on the beach.

Our advice to get the best out of your surfing holiday in Morocco is to get a car, take lessons or get a local guide who can bring you to the different spots. There are so many options to go to perfect for different styles and levels, but you’ll need a car to get to them.
It’s time for a Surftrip with Chernaki Surf Experience in Morocco, let us be your guide !

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