A moment of pain is worth a life time of glory

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This one is for all you fighters who don’t give up after they fail. Who don’t give a fuck if there’s sand stuck in there butt. For all those who push themselves to do things there body will regret the day after, and they know it and still go for it. For those who conquer the cold blue sea and those who jump in with only speedo’s on. For those people who have a fear of waves but still go in and shine like stars in the water.

For those women who have been told they are not supposed to do so cause it’s not lady like or dangerous.

For those men stuck in there head but dare to explore and experience something new.

For those who are afraid of a new country, but still dare to jump in the unknown.

Surfing in Morocco

Last week we had the pleasure to host a group of inspiring souls in our villa. Surf your way out, a retreat organized by mental coach Mieke Lannoey, came here in Morocco to stay for a week at Chernaki Surf Experience with surf, yoga and emotional support. She gives people who are stuck back home in the rat race of our society a way to discover that stress should not be the leading factor in our lives. That finding your true path is hard and sometimes requires you to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown. She opens the door for people who feel they are trapped in a burning house. And that door is surfing. Going surfing has proven to be a way of quelling the disquiet, of settling the unrest. What an amazing idea to give those a push into the big blue, a journey they probably would never have chosen and show them during there stay how the sea can be your therapist and give you confidence to move forward in a positive direction.

In the ocean you can learn more about yourself than in any classroom! Every wave holds the potential to become your teacher.

Surfing works like a mirror, it shows your deepest strengths and your strongest weaknesses. It shows you that giving up is not an option if your goal is to grow but stopping in the right time is wise and sometimes needed. It gives you a moment of pure joy, without worries or thoughts.


If you have never surfed before, don’t be surprised about some of the little unusual things that happen when you paddle out in the Ocean. Expect the unexpected but also know that your experience is going to be unique and amazing… combine that with some uncomfortable and gross moments. So grab a board and get to the beach because it just might change your life forever.

This one is for all you fighters who don’t give up after they fall, cause a moment of pain is worth a life time of glory.

We admire you,

Team Chernaki

Surf Your Way Out
Surf crew Morocco