Because it's not just about the looks

A strong body does more then looking good. And boy do you need a strong body for surfing! The sport gives an exstatic joy full experience and is one of the greatest feelings a person can have. But it comes with a price, and sometimes a rather pain full one. While the sea can be placid and serene at times it can be unnecessarily violent. Not only the sea, but the practication of surfing has a very strong impact on your body muscle. But not to worry at Chernaki Surf Experience we found the cure for soreness.
The surfing community is already well aware that there is a natural affinity between surfing and yoga. Both are vehicles for attuning to the present moment and transcending the patterns of the ego, and the physical practice of asana has the potential to soothe aching muscles and improve mobility on the surfboard.This wonder combo will help you soften the pain and work on your balance skills, will build some muscles and help you relax them. And no it is definitely not only for the girls. There is no better balanced diet for your body then daily surf and daily yoga.

Melissa Dolan, Catherine Callagher and mister handsome on the beach

Melissa Dolan, Catherine Callagher and mister handsome on the beach

Yes girls fit very good in those yoga outfits, but it’s not about the looks ! It’s about how it will help you and your body to become stronger . And guys, you do not have to wear yoga pants if you don’t want. But it does look funny and they say laughing is the best medicine in the world, right ?

The side plank // Vasisthasana

The side plank // Vasisthasana

Because we value the combination of Surf and Yoga in our Surfcamp in Imi Ouaddar, we decided to collaborate with other like-minded souls.

Melissa Dolan is the first Yogini to kick-off our new retreat year at the Surf villa. Together with this bright personality we will create a week that will help you to release limiting beliefs, tap into empowerment and positivity, and catalyze a new trajectory of your life. INNER ESSENCE RETREAT goes on from 9 till 16 of March, for bookings go to the website

A retreat is a wonderful way to try yoga for the first time or to ignite your existing yoga practice because you will receive individualized attention from the yoga teacher you will be practicing with all week, greatly contributing to your growth and quick progression in the physical practice, and also gain a deeper connection to your body, mind, and soul.
— Melissa Dolan
Melissa Dolan and Catherine Callagher

Catherine Callagher is the second teacher and one of our favorites we decided to work with for our own Surf and Yoga getaway for women with boobs and balls, she is a down to earth personality who has a powerfull calming voice perfect to guide you into a moment of peace. OCEAN SOUL SISTERS retreat puts the focus on physical fun, balanced healthy living, and all the touches the female adventure traveler is after. From 6 till 13th of April, for bookings go to

Yoga is the perfect complement to your surfing both in body and mind. It helps you in the body with balance, core stability and fluid movement aswell as calming the mind helping you to go with the flow on any wave!
— Catherine Callagher

Meet the Yogi’s who are getting there own retreat month in our Surf lodge in Morocco.

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