Shangri la, the surfers dream !

It’s the endless summer a dreamland with white sand beaches, perfect waves, and crystal clear water. It is everything most people dream about. Only you and the waves, good vibes and fun with friends. It is the never ending search.

living the search

Landlocked millennials want to go and discover new places, cultures and lifestyles. Times are changing, travelling has become almost second nature. Instead of saving up for a house, more and more of us are saving up for a long, cost-effective, whirlwind trip across Asia or South America. We work longer hours at our part-time jobs so that we can afford to get away once and awhile.

Many brands are exploring the potential of surfing in modern advertising, this and the search for adventure is one of the big reasons why the surf tourism phenomenon has taken coastal communities by storm. Surfing is cool and everyone wants to be cool.


The booming surf popularity led to the growth of accommodation and infrastructure in once hard to get to surf spots and towns. With this growth surfing worldwide has become more accessible. Big mass surf camps and party hostels have taken over. Having a holiday is precious and you deserve a more personal hospitality experience and people who push your trip to the next level and are genuinely committed to create your stay into one of your most memorable memories. People who want to help you find your own Shangri-La

We decided to meet the needs of those searching for a low budget surfcamp that’s supporting local people and combines a touch of European finesse, a lodging experience that host only small groups. Cause you are not a number but a person. For people who want to find there private piece of blue heaven. Where you can surround yourself with like minded travellers who are seeking for a more indepth experience.


Finding that place where you belong, your surf family and the beach. Cause All good memories are made by unique experiences.

It is a surfer’s Shangri-La at Chernaki Surf Experience.

maxime van passel