Morocco, living in a surf topia

Morocco sits on the Western tip of North Africa, a stone throw from Europe. Its exotic allure has always tempted in travellers from around the world. The organized chaos of the winding souks, the aroma of spices and herbs and the abundance of colour awaken every sense of adventure and holiday. It’s the place that turns your travel dreams to reality. And it isn’t short of waves neither !

Our base, Imi Ouaddar a sleepy fishing village is a slap in the middle of some of the most surf rich coastlines in the world ! A surf trip to Morocco is a truly unique experience, and like its European counterparts, the coastal areas offer spectacular long white sandy beaches and endless surf options, not just for high-level surfers after leg burning rides at Anchor Point, but beginner surfers who are also looking to get amongst Morocco’s green Atlantic wall.

We are surrounded by surf options, one of these options is our lovely beach break in front of the villa. It’s perfect for beginners and intermediates. For those early morning surf sessions filled with magic morning light and there is nothing that can beat a good sunset surf right before an amazing Moroccan meal.

The surf villa is located near one of Morocco’s most famous world class right handers, Anchor point and it’s only about a 7 min drive away from our surf camp. For the surf courses we leave right after breakfast with the car to search the best surf spot of the day. Conquering waves is our daily routine and having more then 20 different surf options on the road from Agadir to Imsouane doesn’t harm at all.

We feel very blessed to be living in Morocco, our surf topia !